April 13, 2005

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The big buzz on the Internet these days is the blog, a (usually free) personal Web page where a person can post entries about whatever they feel like talking about at the moment. Teenagers and professional journalists alike have blogs, and their ranks are growing fast.

Even politicians are getting into the act, as evidenced by what looks like the top-secret journal of the White House. I'd tell you the page's address, but then I'd have to kill you (also, it's long and confusing and I forgot it).

Posted by geedub46, 8 April 2005
Mood: Popeless
Music: "The Angry American," Toby Keith
Today we went to the funeral for Pope John Paul II. Me, Daddy, Laura, Condi and Bill were all there. More than three million people are here to pay their respects. It's great to see that one man could be revered so unconditionally by so many people all over the world. I wonder what that feels like! I'm all for going it alone if necessary, but still…

I wanted to go in line to see the Pope, but Daddy said that that was probably not a good idea. What a jerk! I mean, I never was a follower of the Pope or anything, but I still wanted to see him! Hey, I'm not really that big a fan of the Saudis either. But us rich and powerful folks have to stick together, you know?

Posted by geedub46, 9 April 2005
Mood: Forgetful
Music: "The Angry American," Toby Keith
Better jot down those codes…12-41-63-88-92-69-56. That reminds me, I should really make this journal 'friends-only.' Maybe Dick'll show me how.

Posted by PressSecScott, 9 April 2005
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Music: "The Angry American," Toby Keith
I just got hold of today’s talking points…guys, are you sure we can keep exploiting Terri Schiavo like this? To constantly harp on the “culture of life” is going to work against us. There’s so many OTHER ways I want to exploit the case, and so little time left before we drop the issue. Can we please shake it up? This is getting boring for me.

Posted by cheneyburton, 10 April 2005
Mood: Gruff
Music: "The Angry American," Toby Keith
You are fire. The most dangerous kind of element, fire is useful or destructive depending on who is harnessing it. Like fire, you are eager to spread your will all over, whether or not anyone in your path is prepared. (What earthly element are you? Quiz by megroxors1987)

Posted by condoleezyofftheheezy, 11 Apr 2005
Mood: Sick of Toby Keith
Music: "Have You Forgotten?" Darryl Worley
This is just a reminder regarding today's White House activities: 10 a.m., meeting with Christians Against Peace; 11 a.m., lunch and our daily journalist auction; 3-8 p.m., stuff so top secret even we’re unclear; 8 p.m., Bush's bedtime; 8:30-midnight, Cheney brought out of storage.

Posted by cheneyburton, 11 April 2005
Mood: Oil's well
Music: "Let the Eagle Soar," John Ashcroft
Tonight's meeting will touch upon matters of serious world significance: first we must fill the room with smoke, then I’ll do my evil cackle (that always gets the ladies!). Afterwards we will throw darts to determine our next enemy (I got a new map since our other one fell apart). Then we'll select a new pope. Oh and Condi, can you bring back my Stepford Wives DVD?

Posted by attygenGonzales, 11 April 2005
Mood: Tortured
Music: "The Angry American," Toby Keith
I’m sorry, I borrowed the DVD. We’re using it to extract confessions at Gitmo.

Posted by geedub46, 12 April 2005
Mood: Confused
Music: "The Angry American," Toby Keith
Wait a minute…the Vatican is in Italy?


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