January 27, 2004

Election ’04: The War on Error

Now is the time of an election year when the presidential race begins to heat up and the Democrats look destined to be absolutely whipped by Bush. Just like January 1992!

It’s a testament to our times that an inarticulate, warmongering and selfish elitist who squeaked into office on a mandate weaker than a Rush Limbaugh argument is seen as presidential material. If this is the case, then maybe the caring people of America should wage a new war, one that is both justifiable and winnable: the War on Error.

His supporters can rationalize all they want, but Bush was not the winner of the 2000 election. His “victory” came about only after the Supreme Court, ruling on a case totally outside its authority, stopped the ongoing Florida ballot recounts. It was one of the most nakedly partisan decisions in U.S. history.

The regular people of America have never let up in showing their disgust. And the ruling class has never let up in hiding that disgust from the man in charge. When Bush recently visited the grave of the Rev. Martin Luther King, a long line of busses greeted him. A Rosa Parks tribute? Actually, the busses were put there to shield Bush from the hundreds of protesters that had congregated that day. Similar tactics have been used throughout Bush’s tenure to shield him from any criticism. So it’s possible that Bush really thinks what he sometimes says at church fundraisers: that he is the greatest human being since Jesus.

Pat Robertson, the televangelist who has God on his speed-dial just ahead of his African sweatshop, has predicted a blowout for Bush in 2004. Why? Because “He can make mistake after mistake and nothing sticks to him. He is a man of prayer.” The religious right sees nothing wrong with a man who repeatedly violates the commandments of not killing, not stealing, coveting others’ goods, bearing false witness and possibly others. But that’s okay, because he is a “man of prayer”—and one who constantly harps on it in public, a practice looked down upon in the Bible. Hopefully, sane religious people will see through this false piety.

Bush also has overwhelming support from the oil industry and the military. Why? Well, he lets oil companies do what they please. Did I really even have to answer that? But the military question is worth pondering. After all, thousands of soldiers have died under Bush’s watch, with several more dying each day. He is spreading our forces frighteningly thin, denying them extra pay and even food while extending their service and slashing benefits for veterans. Why military heroes continue to vote for this war-addicted deserter is a mystery to me.

Swing voters who voted for Bush in 2000 often chose him because he seemed like the candidate most likely to be fun at a barbecue. I have news for them: you are not going to have a cookout with Bush. Not now, not ever. If you’ve got thousands of dollars to burn, you might get Cheney long enough to watch you light the coals. These guys care only about three things: money, oil and power. What’s in it for you? Not a damn thing.

What’s puzzling is not that Bush has so much support from the elite, but that he has any support from anyone else. Since 2001, the Bush administration has shown its total arrogance and disregard for anything other than its own closest interests (at your expense). Can you imagine what a lame-duck Bush presidency would do without having to pander to voters? Does anyone even want to?


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