May 07, 2003

Why Dis the Chicks?

Like you, I am grinding my teeth over finals. Anyway, tomorrow I turn 23 and am planning to celebrate by having both a research paper and a self-written play due. So I’ll leave you this semester with another dispatch from the Polite Press. Later for now.

Dixie Chicks’ apology reaches number one on country chart

NASHVILLE (PP)—Following a month of feverish anticipation, “Apology” by the Dixie Chicks debuted at number one Monday. The impressive debut knocked off Darryl Worley’s “America is the Bomb,” which had sat in the top spot for nine consecutive weeks.

“Hey, we know what our public wants,” Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines said of their latest smash. “After the mixed performance of our last work, ‘Ashamed,’ we realized that music is not about pushing the envelope. We hoped ‘Apology’ would soothe over some of the cheated feeling that a lot of our fans had.”

The Dixie Chicks, a staple of the country-pop scene for more than seven years, made headlines worldwide in March with the release of “Ashamed.” With lyrics that stated in part, “We’re ashamed that Bush is from Texas / We hope that soon he’ll be the ex-prez,” the single prompted an angry response from a considerable number of Americans. Nevertheless, “Ashamed” quickly barreled to the top of numerous charts, ahead of such hits as Toby Keith’s “Screw Foreigners” and “We are the Whole World” by USA for USA, a benefit group formed by Ted Nugent. Still, the Dixie Chicks quickly released “Apology” in an effort to win back alienated fans.

Despite the brisk sales incurred so far by “Apology,” however, some Dixie Chicks fans still remain unconvinced.

“I’m never listening to the Dixie Chicks again,” grumbled Earl Jones of Fayetteville, Ark. “They had such nerve to criticize our president in a time of war! And listen to this line from ‘Apology’: ‘We respect the commander-in-chief / Speaking ill of him is a sin / We’re turning over a new leaf / But’ll still say what we believe in.’ God help us. I mean, how can we tolerate such opinionated artists?”

Jones then excused himself to circulate Charlie Daniels’ letter to Hollywood via e-mail.

“I am fed up with the Chicks myself,” agreed Betty Sue Harrelson of Waco, Texas. “Just this morning I bought ‘Apology’ and ran over the sucker with my SUV right there in the mega-mall parking lot! I hope that every American buys ‘Apology’ and destroys it. That should hurt their record sales!”

“Elvis Presley never had such gall,” said Jonathan Talley of Jackson, Miss. “When they asked him about current events, he’d just respond, ‘Sir, I’m an entertainer.’ If only Natalie Maines would be so smart.”

Documents revealed in the 1980s show that Presley met up with then-president Richard Nixon in 1970; Nixon presented Presley—who offered his opinions on a variety of political issues—a drug enforcers’ badge at the rocker’s request.

At least one fan, however, has accepted the “Apology.”

“When the Chicks blasted Bush,” said Patty Gilliam of Macon, Ga., “I was as angry as any red-blooded American. I mean, it almost collapsed our whole war effort. But now that I know that Natalie and her crew weren’t serious about what they said, I can rest with security.”

Even George W. Bush, the target of the Dixie Chicks’ “Ashamed,” defended the music group’s freedom of speech. Asked whether he would ever invite the Chicks to dinner at the White House, Bush replied, “Well, um, the Dixie Chicks have a right to speak their minds. That’s, uh, what makes us great, what makes, you know, America great.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know the great thing about America? We all have the right to our opinions and the right to voice them out loud without fear of imprisonment. The Chicks have a right to their opinion and to voice it, no matter how many people disagree with them. I'm more upset that they changed their opinion because a few idiots didn't like what they were saying than what they said in the first place.

Stand up for what you believe in. Change your mind if the facts change or prove to you that your opinion was misinformed. Don't change your mind to be a sheep and go along with the flock.

As the old poster states: "I may disagree with what you're saying, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."


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